Esmée Bruins

Notes on image-making
Galerie Pouloeuff

Photography is often seen as a direct representation of reality. This assumption is challenged in the works by artists Esmée Bruins and Noah van de Wetering. In the exhibition, they show new works based on the (photographic) image as representation and memory. This is expressed in various materials and different techniques, in which the transformation of the image is always central. Both makers' approach to images stems from their education in photography. First look, then frame, and then print.

Photography has an inherent connection with reality, without an existing image there is no photo. In this manner, it often serves as a representation. This expectation is deliberately interrupted in the exhibition. Photography serves the work. Together with other techniques that can be discovered in the work, it refers to a first observation and to the act of making. 

Duo exhibition together with Noah van de Wetering.