Esmée Bruins

Mapping Artifacts: Unidentified Evidence

Fotodok - Exposure & Keep An Eye Stipend, Academie Galerie - Re: Re: Re:

Mapping artifacts: unidentified evidence is a process in which I investigate my close surroundings, based on a collection of objects found within this surrounding area. Repeated acts of collecting, arranging, and documenting lead to an investigation into establishing an event, one of which I only find the fragmented remains of.

Incidental artifacts and lost fragments form an image of human actions. They are in a phase of rejection, neglect, and destruction, I interrupt this phase by removing the artifacts from their context. The contrast between the original site, the artifact itself, and its strictly framed representation is emphasized. This representation serves as a 'reconstruction' of an event that has taken place. That same 'reconstruction', which is a collection of interventions, is again an event itself.

The project was exhibited in Fotodok, AG (Academie Galerie), and received a nomination for the Keep an Eye stipend.