Esmée Bruins

Nothing Seemed Out of Place
Kunsthal Kloof

The exhibition ‘Nothing seemed out of place’ brings together two artists who dissect structures, whether that is a building or public space. An alternative construction or rather re-construction is brought into place, using different methods.

An observation of traces and fragments of maps.
Collecting outside views, bringing them closer.
To bring together, to rethink, to rearrange.

A collection of memories, either captured in (found) material or in a photograph. The work of Esmée Bruins shows a construction of found material displaying their spots and stains. Stains and spots symbolising memories, stringing them back together. Photography is used as a tool, mimicking the process of collecting, which is a never-ending process of adding and reordering.

Anna Reerds' work is about the spaces that we as humans have constructed, whether these are buildings, public spaces or interiors. Our surroundings can say much about the people that occupy them. It is mainly the imperfect, mundane and ordinary spaces that Anna is drawn to, for these places reflect our wishes and ideals as well as our shortcomings. Anna shapes her ideas about our construction of space into photography, film or scale models, that she often edits and layers to create new images. We recognise things in her work, but something is off.

Duo exhibition together with Anna Reerds