When I was younger I would go outside to collect snails, ladybugs, stones, anything I would come across. After collecting these (living) objects I would take them home and take care of them. This process of finding and giving meaning is implemented into my work. Sharp observation of my surroundings is a key part in this process. This observation is mainly focussed on recognising traces and fragments of destruction, which is then translated into my photographic practice.

Saving objects is different from collecting, collecting has a direct connection with order, value, function and history. I collect objects found in my surroundings, like I did when I was younger, only now the objects are (lifeless) fragmented objects. My collection consists of objects like branches, pieces of metal, bark, car lights and car doors. All of these objects are traces of an occurrence, an occurrence that
I have not experienced but only find the fragmented remains of. A playful interaction takes place when the appearance of the objects, the origin of the objects and the image of the objects are combined. Fragments are brought back together by means of documentation. I use photography as a tool to construct and reconstruct images, a neverending process of adding and reordering, like collecting.

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